Life, it happened.

Life rolls on like a road. Full of roadblocks, sudden slams on the brakes and then those glorious moments of all green lights as far as your eye can see. I am not a philosopher by any means and I don’t really even consider myself to be deep. But this I know–what you think you want, what you think you need, and what you think is going to make your life full of bliss and contentment, might not really be what you need at all.

Why haven’t I blogged since 2011? Because life is busy and I was living it.

Since 2011, I have moved four times, had three different jobs that were wonderful for different reasons, bought a home, had amazing and hard times in my marriage, seen friends struggle and flourish, traveled to Europe whilst repairing a slightly damaged relationship, and continued to carve out who I am.

I am encountering another curve in that road. I am heading out again. I had a wonderful year of living in a home that allowed me to have feelings of ownership and stability that I craved so badly while traveling. But, what I have found is what I have always hoped to believe– that it doesn’t matter what you have, but who you have.

I am really looking forward to it this time. We are blessed and able to keep our home base, while going where the wind (and work) blows us. I have the opportunity to keep my position with the YWCA from the road and am working on another exciting project that will keep me busy.

For now, not much has changed. When do we leave? Not quite sure… Where will be going? Don’t know yet… But I do know that I am so grateful to live a life that never gets old.


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