“Never say goodbye because goodbye means going away and going away means forgetting.” ― J.M. Barrie

As I am getting ready to hit the road again, my main duties as the Event Coordinator for the ywca came to a close last night at my personal favorite event. It was such a fun night in a gorgeous location with wonderful ladies. It was a pretty poignant moment for me to see a group of ladies that were new to the organization having such a great time and making plans to come back. I feel real ownership of my work and I am already feeling like I will have a difficult time letting go.

It is moments like that were I can’t help but feel like it is unfair. From my work in Port Angeles with the hospital foundation to my work at the ywca, I feel like it is unfair that I always have to say goodbye. I know a departure will come eventually, but I feel like it is right when I hit my stride. It’s when good things have happened and it becomes exciting to plan for the next step. Then there is it–goodbye.
It would be so nice to not have to choose between a healthy relationship and a career, but then I realize that my situation is not an isolated case. If I talked to everyone I know they could tell me about a defining moment in their life when they had to choose.  Choosing and sacrificing chips away all the extra stuff. It allows you to have the most fulfilling and purposeful life possible.
I am very blessed to have the opportunity to continue my work with the ywca, but in smaller capacity. What I leave with is a fullness of heart from the wonderful relationships I created, work that I proudly claim as my own and a perspective gained only from hearing client stories.
So it really isn’t goodbye, because goodbye means forgetting.


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