"A journey is like marriage. The certain way to be wrong is to think you control it" –John Steinbeck

And so it begins. Today was Ryan’s last day on job in Lewiston. Next week is Thanksgiving and the week after that, well we will see. Last week our plan was California for sure, on Monday I was googling RV Parks in Tucson, and today we are honed in on the megalopolis that is Bakersfield. (Ok I know I just used a 10 pt vocabulary word, but it’s one of my favorites because it sounds like the birthplace of the Transformers and it actually does make sense– Bakersfield is the 9th largest city in CA)

Ryan has a buddy working on a job down there and it sounds like its a sure thing. Why yes, that is sarcasm you are picking up on.

I am a little familiar with Bakersfield because my parents lived there for a short stint in 2007. Like most places we end up living, my sole source of information until I get there is the glorious interweb. So far it looks like the weather will be warmer, Basque food is in abundance and I will be two hours away from my family in Ventura. Not too shabby. There is also the Southern Sierra Nevadas and the Kern Canyon River, which we explored in 2007 and is so beautiful.

I did try to asses the snowboarding situation and it looks like the closest resort has two lifts and currently no snow. Hey, you can’t have everything.


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