It’s that time of year.

It is the weirdest thing to listen to Christmas music while sweating in the grocery store. I am still wrapping my brain around the fact that others in this world have been ushering in the holiday season in shorts and t-shirts. It isn’t my first experience with this phenomenon though, when we moved back from Hawaii we left just in time to see the lights strung on the palms and wreaths on the light posts.

Just to throw my mind into more shock, we are headed to Pennsylvania for two weeks for what I am sure will be a white Christmas. I love heading East for Christmas. My husband loves being back with his grandpa on the farm and I love creeping on the Amish neighbors. I just can’t get enough. I am fascinated by them. First of all, I have decided when I have children I am dressing them in Amish clothing, because I have never seen cuter kids. Little blue overalls and white shirts, guiding a plow at four years old. Ok, thats an exaggeration, they are like six. Second of all, everything they do is freaking quaint. Going to the quaint store, in the quaint buggy,  it’s just amazing. Everyone who lives there is understandably less obsessed than I am and that’s okay.  Going to Christmas service in a little Pennsylvania town is also amazing, it brings tears to my eyes. I have come to the realization I am more emotional than most, but if you have ever seen the ringing of the Christmas bells in a couple hundred year old church you know what I am talking about.

For now, I am carrying on with my pre-Christmas traditions even though it feels a little strange. Christmas music on Pandora, watching Love Actually and Christmas Vacation. On that note, I would like to close with one of the most amazing little treat I have come across lately. I can relate more that I would like.




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