About Us


” ..So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails…” -mark twain

THE SALTY SEARCH is a blog about sailing away from the safe harbor and all the sweet goodness that follows. We are a 20-something couple living in a California beach town. When we aren’t stateside you’ll find us looking for some warm salty water, good surf, and some fish to make for dinner.

It’s not easy to do things that make you uncomfortable. I first realized that when I decided to travel full time around the West Coast of the US in an RV, accompanying my husband as he built his career. Little did I know then–now eight years ago– that it was the first step in figuring out what I wanted out of this short life.

I wanted travel and experience and twinges of uneasiness that continue to carve out who I am today. I needed a place to share with my friends and family the stories I had about finding my gypsy soul and so began this blog.

So thanks for stopping by. Its where I share bits and pieces of our travels and I hope to give you some inspiration to throw off those bowlines, feel that lump in your throat and find out exactly what you want out of this life.


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