Do you know that feeling you get when you finish that long list of to-dos or ace that presentation at work and take that minute and exhale because you are DONE? Ok, now multiply that by approximately 175 and you will understand how I feel right now. Today we closed the sale of our first home. Hallelujar.

Most people would feel sentimental about selling their first place and honestly, I had a twinge of sentiment for about 30 minutes while packing up the last of our belongings to go to storage. And then I remebered what the sale of our home means to us at this point in our life. It means freedom and excitement and simplicity.  It means more travel, less responsibility and hi, lets be real.. more money too.

We have been back on the road full time in California going on 3 years. Which means our house was vacant. Furnished and waiting for us to return, but most definitely vacant. Before we hit the road full time for the second time we had about a year break at “home” in Spokane (where said house is located) and before that we were on the road full time for a little less than 4 years. Ryan didn’t want to be a landlord and we weren’t sure if we wanted to sell so months turned into years and then we realized we weren’t ever going back. So luck was on our side and within hours of listing we were under contract. We are so thankful for the memories we did have there and friends we shared it with. But, these rolling stones have to keep on rolling.

So, what does that mean for us now? We aren’t sure. We are insane people who can see themselves living in a variety of places and both have no urge to be in one spot for long. Which sounds super magical and wanderlusty, and it is 50% of the time. The other 50% its just a constant conversation of where (if anywhere) we will call home. But until we figure it out we will travel by land, sea and air and experience the liberating feeling of being unanchored.



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