Choices are the hinges of Destiny.. Oh Boy.

This morning (okay lets be honest), early afternoon, I encountered a moment that could possibly be one of those hinges. I woke up slowly, cracking open the blinds to let fragments of sun in. I took Keala out when Ryan left for work this morning around 5:45, so I didn’t have to worry about her licking my feet in protest of still being inside. I rolled over propped up my pillow with another and grabbed the remote. This my friends, is where the hinge started to squeak. I knew I should have just gotten straight up like I have been doing since we have been here. But because of American Idol the night before, I had the remote next to the bed. Tip: blame everything on American Idol. I did a little channel surfing, but since I chose to wake up at the hour I did, my only options were soap operas and televangelists. Then it happened. I should not have left the televangelists. With a click of a button, I found what I never thought I would, Jerry Springer. Yes, I was in a trailer watching Jerry Springer. To say it was like a car wreck is an understatement. When you see a car wreck, you know it is real. Real glass, real roads, real people. This was different. I couldn’t look away. Everything told me that these treats of humanity were acting, but whoa that hair pulling was definitely real. Before I knew it, 10 minutes had gone by. For ten minutes of my life, I was sucked in. The vortex of chaos. I had to make a choice. CLICK. I got up out of bed and realized that I had just made a choice. As dumb as it sounds, Jerry made me think. That was ten minutes. Ten minutes that I could have been out in the sun with Keala, ten minutes that I could have done the dishes, ten minutes that I could have called a friend. Immediately, I got up did what I needed to do. And with another ten minutes I wrote about it. My destiny calls for using the time I have to do what is best for me. To make the most out of what I have been blessed with. So in all reality, if Jerry helped me make this realization, would that mean he is wd40? hmmmm….


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